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Re-Creating the Forest Environment

On a walk through a forest, one sees a dynamic, self-sustaining system that is not managed by man. Urban and suburban environments are much different for a host or reasons, but many of them can be traced to the soil (or lack of good soil) and the planting environment.

In the forest, tree roots are free to grow, unhampered by buildings, curbs, concrete caskets called “planters”, and all sorts of things that we bury in the earth. The roots can get plenty of water and air, not covered up by patios, decks, sidewalks, streets and parking lots. They are nourished by the decomposition of their own leaves and not subjected to all kinds of chemicals that compromise life in the soil and, in severe cases, the life of the tree. Given where and how we sometimes plant trees, it is a testament to their resilience that they survive at all.

Forest Setting

Our focus on tree and shrub care is quite different than other companies. Our goal, to the best of our ability, is re-create the forest environment. Some of the methods we use and may recommend are:

  • Test and amend the soil to make the soil a better environment for tree/shrub growth.

  • Control tree or shrub growth when it is out-growing its location or to lessen the frequency and severity of pruning.

  • Provide a special Critical Care Program to stabilize the health of stressed plant material using a combination of growth regulation (like bed rest for humans) and a powerful nutritional formula (like a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement).

  • Balanced, comprehensive nutritional programs that include a full range of nutrients, food resources for beneficial soil biology, and soil conditioners to reduce compaction and enable deeper penetration of nutrients, air and water. We do not use high nitrogen fertilizers that create excessive growth, attract insects and weaken the plantsʼ resistance to disease.

  • Create a multi-faceted program tailored to your specific property and plant material that will create a more sustainable growing environment, potentially reducing the need for chemical control products.

  • Recommend tree species that are more suitable to your property, climate and growing conditions.


We also have special programs for trees whose roots are inaccessible, whether because of physical limitations or the inability to treat on a neighborʼs property.


If you have questions or would like to know more about our comprehensive, sustainable  approach to tree and shrub health, please give us a call at 866-609-4172. We would love to help you with your trees and shrubs!

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