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Njekt Options

The Njekt Soil Injector, after two years of testing by tree industry professionals and many design enhancements, is now a valued asset for those wanting to take their Plant Health Care business and profitability to the next level.
Njekt 1.jpg
Njekt Soil Injector with (1) 1 Gallon Rinse Tank, (1) 1 Gallon Quick Change Application Tank, (1) Injection Needle (3", 6" or 9"), (1) Njekt Oiler, and (1) 4 oz. Teflon Oil
(2) 1 Gallon Quick Change Application Tanks, (1) Jacto 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer*
*The backpack is enabled for direct connect to the Njekt . (Also operates alone as a fully functional backpack.)
Njekt 2.jpg
Composite Mounting System OPTION 3-C
This vertical option has one mounting plate for the Njekt and backpack and a separate mounting system for (4) small containers. Mounting flanges permit you to bolt it up anywhere that is convenient.
Call for pricing Installation not included.
Track Mounting System OPTION 3-T
This vertical option is a track system that permits unlimited creativity. Both the Njekt and backpack are mounted
individually. Choose between mounting the (4) 1 Gallon Quick Change tanks separately or in a single 4-compartment shelf. (5) 30” long tracks complete with spring loaded nuts can be mounted vertically or horizontally in a configuration that best suits your space availability and layout preferences.
Call for pricing Installation not included.
Horizontal Storage System OPTION 3-H
Specially designed holder for all of your one gallon and rinse tanks. This holder could also mount into various tool/storage boxes you already own.
Call for pricing Installation not included.
Here are two pictures that show different ways to use the specially designed Horizontal Storage System for all of your tanks.
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