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Njekt Soil Injector - NT 800

The Njekt™ system includes the Njekt Injector, 1 gallon removable treatment tank, 1 gallon rinse tank, one Injection Tip (3", 6" or 9") of your choice, and one gallon of Bio-Tree & Shrub fertilizer. Please call us at (866) 609-4172 or email us at to order an Njekt today.
Njekt with numbers.jpg
-Just two moving parts.
-Chemical resistant components are even suitable for liquid fertilizer.
-Stainless steel needles.
-One year limited warranty.
$2299.00 per injector  (Call to order)
1. Handle Adjustment - Unlimited adjustments by the adjustable knob.
2. Liquid Source - Use the removable tank (as shown), a modified backpack sprayer, or a tank you already have.
3. Injection Needle Storage - Slot for injection needle storage.
4. Mechanical Counter - Shows the number of injections (on operator side).
5. Calibration Scale - Adjust from 0 - 10 oz. (0 - 300 ml).
6. Fill Chamber - Up to 10 oz. per insertion.
7. Injection Needle - 3”, 6” or 9” lengths.
Njekt injection needle storage

Injection Needle Storage
Slot for injection needle storage.

Njekt Handle Adjustment

Handle Adjustment

Unlimited adjustments by using these adjustment knobs.

Njekt injection counter

Movable Handles

Handles can be relocated to work under low hanging shrubs and trees.

Digital Display on Njekt

Mechanical Counter

Shows the number of injections (on operator side).

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