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Njekt Application Examples and Income Potential

The income numbers contained in the following summary are based on services provided in Columbus, Ohio.
Northeastern and West Coast states are likely to have higher incomes whereas rural areas are likely to be less.
Pricing of Njekt applications is based on two factors, cost of products and cost of labor. In the following example, labor is priced at $80 per hour or $0.022 per second. It takes 5 seconds to make an injection but we are basing cost on 10 seconds to account for preparation time. Therefore, the application cost is $0.22 per DBH.
Looking at the labels for the above products, it is obvious that many diseases can be treated and other beneficial applications are possible using the Njekt. The mix rates above are based on optimum application conditions. Lack of soil moisture may require additional water to enable better dispersion of active ingredient through the soil.
How Much Money Can You Make Using Imidacloprid as an Example?
  • Using a 10” DBH tree as an example, it would take 1 minute 40 seconds to make 10 injections and use 40 oz. of product.
  • Using the 1G container that comes with the Njekt, 128 oz. will treat more than 3 trees, take 5 minutes, and generate $160.
For greater efficiency, upgrade to the optional 4 gallon backpack and treat over 12 trees, billing $640 in 20 minutes. Njekt is fast, efficient and profitable.
Njekt System.jpg
Income is only limited by the number of times you can invoice $640 every 20 minutes over the course of a day.
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