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Njekt is a division of the Green Pro family of companies.
Green Pro Solutions, LLC

Green Pro Solutions, LLC is an industry leader in providing greater profitability and enhanced customer value to industry professionals by providing customized spray equipment and products for landscaping professionals, arborists, and the agricultural industry.

Nature's Pro Bio-Soil Sciene

The Nature's Pro® Bio-Soil Science System of landscape care and maintenance cultivates healthier, safer landscapes, reverses the damage caused by chemical dependencies, and reduces landscape care and maintenance costs.

Prescription Soil Analysis, LLC

The health and beauty of a plant or the productivity of a crop is directly related to the health and vitality of the soil in which it grows. Have a comprehensive soil test taken that will determine what unhealthy conditions exist and what corrective actions are required. When the soil is healthy, all plant life is healthier and more productive, better withstanding climatic and environmental stresses, and insect/disease attacks.

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